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The need to know about fire alarm installation London

Do you own a hotel or a restaurant? Maybe you work in a school, estate agent or you are based in an office. If you own or work in any of these arenas, you should be aware of the fire safety systems which have been installed in these environments. If you are not sure as to whether these fire systems exist in your place of employment or business, or you feel as though the current system may need an upgrade it may be best to contact a highly qualified and experienced company who specialises in providing electrical and fire alarm installation LondonMM Electrical, is an NICEIC accredited company who are able to provide fire alarm installation London and we provide services exclusively for our customers based in Central London, making us the first choice for businesses who require our services including maintenance programmes, fire alarm repairs and fire alarm installations.

An insight into fire alarm safety in schools

We all know how busy schools are and how much time throughout the year students, teachers and staff spend in school buildings throughout term time and even during the holidays. This is why it is important for schools to have a high quality fire alarm system installed in the school building. At MM Electrical, we are aware there is a particular risk in fire safety due to circumstances like arson so we offer schools a full automatic detection to a Grade A LD Standard and in addition to this, we add 24 hour monitoring through a dedicated automatic receiving centre.

If you decide to choose us to design and install a fire alarm system at your school, we will ensure that special considerations are made within our design, as we take into account the fact that many open areas within the school building are multi-functional, for example the gymnasium can be used for assemblies or theatre productions. Because of this, we take extra precautions when designing the fire alarm systems to ensure that there is no unwanted activation of the fire alarm systems during scenarios such as a school play where theatrical smoke may be used.

What fire alarm installation London do we offer for hotels in the city?

At MM Electrical, many of our clients are hotels and we service a wide range of these throughout Central London. If you own a hotel you will be very aware of the implications of not having a fire alarm or having a false fire alarm on the premises. MM Electrical provides a consultative service for our clients, so we are able to assist both you and your team on the design, installation and maintenance of your fire alarm system.

If you require a fire alarm service contract for your hotel our contracts start at a nominal price for each year and we tailor each contract so they suit your individual needs as our client. We also offer for hotels the option of having a wireless fire alarm system. These systems are ideal if your hotel is running at almost full occupancy level and they are quick to install.

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