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Electrical Contractors Hackney: Enhanced Electrical and Fire Safety Solutions

In a world driven by technology and innovation, the safety of our property and loved ones is the primary concern. MM Electricals is dedicated to providing Hackney residents with the most reliable and effective electrical and fire security solutions. Hackney’s vibrant community deserves nothing less than the best in terms of safety. So if you are a homeowner, a business person or a concerned citizen, we have solutions for all your electric and fire alarm security needs. It’s our mission to make Hackney a safer place—Where electrical and fire safety is a top priority.

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Trusted Electrician Hackney: From Sparks to Solutions

MM Electrical has been serving London’s businesses and residents Since 1988 with electrical, fire alarm, and maintenance services. Based in Central London, Bloomsbury, we are proud to be the sole fire alarm and electrical contractor working out of Central London and serving Islington, Fulham, Barnet, Lewisham, and other areas of London. 

Thanks to our dedicated and highly professional workforce that has made us the first choice of Hackney residents for all their electrical and fire alarm needs. Initially, we had a simple vision: To provide top-notch security services to every client. 

Providing the highest quality electrical and fire alarm solutions is at the core of what we do. With our passion for technology, we can handle even the most complex installations. With our team of professional electricians in Hackney, we guarantee that we will exceed your expectations every time. By focusing on value for money, we are able to maintain a competitive position in the market. At MM Electrical, we offer the following services in Hackney:


Premier Electrical Company Hackney: Securing Your Environment

MM Electricals offers high-quality Electrical and security products and services for commercial and residential customers. Our goal is to maintain the highest design, installation, and project management standards. Our staff are screened by BS 7858:2012

We guarantee all our electrical & security work; all our projects conform to British regulations (BS7671 IEE Regulations), Part P of the Building Regulations, BAFE, and SSAIB. Our services in Hackney include: 

Domestic: Fully qualified NICEIC-approved contractors. Our team of domestic electricians is indeed ready to deliver outstanding services. We’re on call 24 hours a day, prepared to help you anytime.

COMMERCIAL: We provide a comprehensive range of commercial services. Check out our Services page for more info. Our 2-hour emergency response for businesses is, of course, available 24/7.

INDUSTRIAL: Our team is certainly ready to tackle any industrial work you may require. You can count on our contractors to provide great service and experience.

TESTING: It is our commitment to assist and help our customers through the entire PAT Testing process, from start to finish. You can rely on us to provide a full package of tests and results that will satisfy all these requirements.

ALARMS: Our company is ready to provide a complete alarm service, such as installing a new system or repairing an existing one. We also offer 24/7 emergency services, so looking elsewhere is unnecessary.

LIGHTING INSTALLATION: Additionally, we can also assist you with the installation of lighting in your home or business. We are ready to assist you with all your lighting needs, whether you need emergency lights for your home or business.

Fire Alarm Installation Hackney: Your Go-To Destination for Protection Against Fire

You can trust MM Electricals to keep your home and business safe. We specialize in installing and maintaining top-notch fire alarms that protect your property from fire emergencies. As a fire security company dedicated to excellence and understanding the unique safety needs of Hackney, we’re here to help.

Our Services:

  • Installation of fire alarms: We have much experience installing fire alarms. Whatever the setting, whether it’s a residential space, a commercial building, or an industrial facility, we understand your needs. We customize our fire alarm installation services based on your needs. Our team ensures you have a robust fire alarm system in schools, hotels, restaurants, and HMOs. As a British Standard-approved supplier, we adhere to the latest BS76712019 regulations. Your fire alarm system will be up to industry standards this way.
  • Maintenance Contracts: Our commitment doesn’t stop at installation. Maintenance is essential to ensuring your fire alarm system works. We offer customized maintenance contracts covering emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, intruder alarms, and aspirating fire detection systems. These contracts give you peace of mind, knowing your fire security systems are inspected, maintained, and ready to respond quickly in an emergency. Whether you’re in a residential or commercial space, you can count on our maintenance contracts.
  • System upgrades: As fire safety technology advances, so do fire security systems. Our expertise goes beyond routine maintenance. Our fire alarm system upgrades keep your system up to date. Our team stays on top of innovation to keep your property at its safest, whether adding smart features or enhancing system responsiveness. Your fire security can be more effective and adaptable with our regular upgrades.

Number One Electrical Company Hackney: Why Choose Our Electrical and Fire Safety Solutions

  • We know Hackney: We’re part of Hackney, so we know the area. As a result, we can figure out how to keep you safe from electrical and fire risks.
  • We have done good: We’ve kept people like you safe around electricity and fires in Hackney. Having worked in homes and businesses for a while, we know how to make things better.
  • We Cover everything: We’ll make sure your place is electrically safe and help you stop fires before they start. There’s no way anything will fall through the cracks.
  • Smart Experts: We’re experts on electricity and fire safety. Since we’ve been doing this for a while, we’re good at finding and fixing problems.
  • We listen to you: Your safety is our top priority. We’ll talk with you to find out what you want. By doing this, we can develop safety solutions that work for you.
  • ‘We’re Here For You’: We love Hackney and are part of it. We want to make you and your neighbors safer. We’ll answer your questions and teach you stuff.
  • Fast Help: When things go wrong, we’re there to help. We won’t leave you hanging in an emergency with electricity or fire.
  • New Ideas: We stay on top of the latest tools and ways to stay safe. We use the newest and smartest ways to keep you safe from electrical and fire hazards.
  • Honesty: We’ll always tell you the truth. As we work on something for you, we’ll keep you updated and explain things clearly.


When you choose us, you’re getting someone serious about safety. Together, we’ll make sure your safety is the top priority.

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By clicking "Submit" you consent to MM Electrical using your personal details in accordance with the privacy policy for the purpose of answering this request
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