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Fire Alarms for Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in London

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HMOs present particular issues for electrical contractors and can involve a wide range of issues for landlords in terms of compliance with the current Housing Act.

In short, a HMO is generally defined as being a property being shared by more than three non-related individuals sharing facilities or a residential building over three floors where self-contained.

HMO’s generally fall into one of two types:

  • Mandatory Licensing
  • Additional Licensing


With the Housing Act of 2006 making many of the hitherto recommendation mandatory, rules involving licensing of properties classed as an HMO, landlords and property management companies are responsible for ensuring their existing electrical services and fire prevention arrangements are maintained and serviced regularly by suitably qualified electrical companies.



From the design and installation of new UK Power Network approved Metering Distribution Systems, Mains Power and Sub-Main Wiring Installations to scheduled Preventative Maintenance Contracts we should be your first-choice electrical company for specialist electrical services when quick and reliable cost-effective solutions are required.


We’re particularly adept in the maintenance of communal systems such as emergency lighting, fire alarm systems, CCTV etc. If the aesthetics of a building are a top consideration we are the right partners for you.

With regards to listed buildings, ensuring such systems are installed and maintained sympathetically so as not to impact on the overall aesthetics of listed or newly decorated communal interiors are a priority for us. Making full use of today’s wireless technologies can mean little or no disruption during the installation process whilst ensuring mandatory requirements are met.

Right to Manage Properties

If the property is subject to a Right to Manage (RTM) organisation we are the ideal electrical contractor with discounts usually offered to managing agents being applied direct to client accounts. We are also happy to attend management meetings to present proposals, present samples and or complete demonstration to all parties and to answer any questions directly at the quotation stage at no obligation to the client.

What makes us an ideal partner

We can assist in the compilation of Fire Risk Assessments as well as improvements to general fire improvements and or upgrades such as the installation of fire doors, door retainers, smoke vents and other electrical services interfaced to fire alarm systems.

With all the relevant accreditations required so as to ensure all our works are certifiable you can rest assured that services provided will ensure compliance to all relevant standards.

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