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Fire Alarm Installation in London

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Fire Alarm Installation London

Implementing fire prevention techniques such as fire alarm installation and maintaining them are two of the best ways to protect a physical property and its occupants from the ravages of fire. The critical role played by fire alarm systems in residential and commercial buildings is backed by regulation. It is a legal obligation for landlords, property managers and employers to ensure that buildings under their control are equipped with effective, high-quality fire alarm systems. We only supply our customers with open protocol fire alarm products that meet British-approved standards.


End to End Fires Safety Service

At MM Electrical we offer our customers a comprehensive fire safety service from custom designing a fire alarm system to address a customer’s needs, to maintaining the system. In designing a fire alarm system, we can incorporate wireless fire detection, fire alarm panels, heat detectors and smoke alarms including aspirating fire and smoke detection systems. The appeal of aspirating fire and smoke detection systems lay in that the products have the capabilities to sense smoke before it can be seen. Timing can make all the difference to minimise potential damage. This is why many customers prefer to include the product as part of an active fire safety system.

In our 25 years of industry experience, we have helped customers across London with new build houses, commercial buildings and office blocks ensuring optimum safety for their tenants, patrons and visitors. Our business customers place trust in us to not only supply them with the highest quality products but to ensure that they are installed correctly.

Benefits of Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire prevention does not stop at the installation of a fire alarm system. One more factor plays a critical role – maintaining the system that is installed according to an approved schedule. It is the sure-fire way that building owners and managers can have peace of mind that the system can be depended upon to work when it should. Maintaining a fire alarm system is also a legal requirement.

MM Electrical is staffed by qualified professionals experienced in conducting maintenance, inspections and any repairs that may be necessary to ensure all components in a system is in good working order. As fire safety experts in London, we know full well how vital it is for all fire alarm systems work to be carried out to the highest possible standards.

BAFE SP203 -1,2,3&4 Accreditation

Our commitment to continual improvement has recently been rewarded with the The BAFE Register of approved fire alarm engineers in the following four modules:

MM Electrical is a renowned helping you meet your fire safety obligations so both you and your insurers can be always assured of your fire alarm systems efficacy 24hrs a day.

With an existing high end and diverse client base we are now London’s one-stop-shop for all things fire related by expanding our list of services to now include:

Replace your Waking Watch to save costs

Recent concerns over the installation of non-fire rated cladding materials to high rise buildings have resulted in many occupants having to cover the substantial cost of running a 24hr manned waking watch. Not only is this means of fire detection and alert a little rudimentary it certainly is not cheap and can run into many thousands of pounds in a single month.

Fire-alarm systems have the ability to detect a fire with a high degree of accuracy and are considerably superior to the capabilities of even the most highly trained of waking-watch staff. Less likely to fall victim to human error they are less prone to raising false alarms, such as those triggered by cooking. Once a fire-alarm system has been installed, tangible savings can be realised in very short periods of time. National guidelines also determine that Waking Watches should only be used for short periods and may not be of use with some higher risk situations.

To this end we’re now supplying the very latest in commercial hybrid and fully wireless fire alarm systems capable of alerting occupants immediately in the event of a genuine fire occurring. Radio systems are perfect for this application affording the end user a quick cable free installation with pinpoint accuracy in determining the source of even smouldering fires.

Additionally, Evacuation Systems whether wired, wireless or hybrid also allow tall buildings to be evacuated in stages and under the supervision of the Fire Brigade and/or other competent persons and are now strongly recommended in England for all tall buildings containing flats with a storey located at a height of 18 meters or more.

Call our accredited design team to see how we can help you reduce costs and increase your peace of mind on 020 7405 9292.

The MM Electrical difference

MM Electrical provides complete fire safety management solutions including the supply of industry-approved fire alarm equipment from leading manufacturers at competitive prices. Place all your fire safety needs into the trusted hands of our certified and experienced experts. Why not upgrade an existing system, call today to book a no-obligation site visit.



We are pleased to announce that in an effort to ensure our commitment to both customer service and a quality end product we are currently undergoing the process of accreditation to BAFE SP203 / LPS1014 for the following modules:

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