Keeping you shining, through MM Electrical in London

Don’t get left in the dark Here at MM Electrical in London, we’ve been proudly serving the London area for over 25 years – and are showing no signs of stopping any time soon. We operate a fully comprehensive electrical service, which we like to consider to be one of London’s few remaining top-tier providers…
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Shining a light on quality electrical services with MM Electrical in London

A beacon of hope Nowadays, connection to electricity is essential. Everything, near enough, is powered in some fashion by electricity, and to imagine a day without it would probably bring terror to most of us. Life, in most respects, has become electricity dependent. That said, the LED world is not without fault, and often the…
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Let there be light, with MM Electrical in London

Keep on shining Here at MM Electrical in London, we have been proud to serve the London community with all things electrical for over 25 years. Within that time, we’ve become well versed in demands for electrical services. Whether you are a commercial business, looking to buff up your fire safety or security systems, or…
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Getting wired to quality electrical services at MM Electrical in London

Let there be light Here at MM Electrical in London, we have proudly served the good people of London for over 25 years, and are showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. We are one of the only remaining electrical services who operate out of Central London, and provide a standard of service…
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Need to upgrade your homes security system? Call our team at MM Electrical Fire and Security today!

Do you worry about your homes security against intruders? Home security or intruder alarms are not a new idea; after all, that is why dogs have always been so popular as pets! In this modern age, intruders are getting smarter, so more and more people are turning to intruder alarms to protect their homes from…
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What do you do when your lights go out? Call our emergency repair team at MM Electrical!

It can happen to the best of us; you are enjoying a day off at home and suddenly, the electricity goes off. You check your propertys fuse box and all appears fine, so what do you do? Unless you are trained in electronics, you panic! Whether it happens in the middle of the day or…
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Looking for a reliable electrical contractor in London?

Whether you are a landlord or business owner in the capital, it can be a bit of a minefield trying to locate a qualified and reasonably priced electrical specialist that can keep your tenants, employees and properties safe. While the demand for electricians is growing in the capital, it can seem that the easiest way…
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Need to update your fire alarm system? Contact MM Electrical for a free quotation!

Looking to install a fire alarm system at your commercial property? Regardless of the size of your business, it is of vital importance to both yourself and any staff you may have working onsite to have an up to date and regularly maintained fire alarm system. If you have just opened your commercial property, you…
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Do you need an electrical and fire alarm installation service in the London area?

How reassuring to find an electrical and fire alarm installation company in the London area, who has a solid and trustworthy approach to your electrical needs. Whether it is domestic or commercial, from 3 phase wiring to fitting more electrical outlets, through to fused spurs, editing suites and loft extensions, we, at MM Electrical London,…
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Are you looking for a dynamic and well established electrical contracting service located in central London?

At MM Electrical London, our customers have trusted and relied upon us for over 25 years, to provide an exceptional level of support and expertise for their fire alarms and electrical needs. From design and installation, to maintain and support, we are the go-to electrical contractor in the London area. What we can offer for…
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What can I expect from MM Electrical London

In today’s fast paced and changing world, it’s reassuring to find a well established company who looks to exceed your expectations. Well, MM Electrical London does exactly that for its customers day in and day out.  What people want most with fire alarms and electrical work is safety and security. That is why, for over…
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Fulfill your electrical needs with MM Electrical London

Looking for an experienced, and long established, electrical contractor in London, who is knowledgeable and has a straightforward solution focused approach? Then MM Electrical London is your go-to company in central London. Its refreshing to discover a company who has established a well deserved reputation for solution oriented work, along with an unrivalled level of…
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