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Heating systems are very important in a country like London, where it remains cold most of the time. So you must ensure that a qualified electrician London inspects and maintains your electrical heating systems. It is the best way to prevent costly repairs and ensure your home stays warm and comfortable in the colder months. 

In this blog, we have covered some common reasons behind the failure of heating systems and provided our readers with some ways to keep their heating down. Read on to learn more…..

Electrician London: Why do you need maintenance? 

When it comes to keeping your heating systems in great shape, you first must get them inspected annually by a professional electrician London. For optimal results, you can schedule the inspection of your heating systems during early winter. 

Apart from this, you must occasionally give your heating system a visual inspection. Certain heating, ventilation and AC (HVAC) problems can be extremely hazardous. Be especially mindful of these two issues : 

Strange Smells

If you notice strange smells coming out of your heating system, we advise you to evacuate your home immediately and not go inside until the issue has been resolved. 

Electrical problems

If you notice frequent circuit trips or fuse blows when you switch on your heating systems, you are most likely dealing with an electrical fault. It is best to call an emergency electrician London to resolve such cases. 

Electrician London: Time-Tested Tips to keep heating systems up to date

Check Filters 

Heating systems have filters to trap soot, dust, dirt, and other particulates before entering your home’s ductwork. In some houses, the HVAC vents are equipped with their filters as well.

Electrician Fulham recommends checking these filters once a month. The frequency of service depends on the filter type: 

Factors that may reduce the expected life of a filter, according to Electrician London, include:


The more you use the heating systems, the faster they get clogged with dust and dirt. 

Number of People in Your Home

The more people there are in your household, the more contaminants they will introduce into your home environment. This causes additional wear on air filters.

Respiratory conditions

You should change filters more often if you or other members of your family suffer from asthma or allergies. This helps reduce the symptoms of these conditions by reducing the contaminants present in your indoor air supply.


Cats, dogs, and other furry animals constantly shed fur, which is then naturally circulated throughout your HVAC system. Electrician London says that, as a rule of thumb, every pet in your home reduces the life of a filter by 30 days or so.

Make sure there is no obstruction in the vents.

The main purpose of central heating systems is to distribute the heat inside your home using ducts and vents. If these vents are blocked and dirty, your heating system will not work as it should. To make matters worse, it will put extra pressure on the heating furnace, lowering efficiency. So, professional electrician Hackney suggests cleaning vents at regular intervals. 

Don’t put pressure on your furnace.

Even a high-quality heating system loses efficiency if your home is poorly weathered. If your home has old windows and poor insulation, all the hot air released by the heating system will escape outside, and the heating system will have to work harder to maintain the required temperature. This will lead to increased wear and tear, and your heating system will lose efficiency. 

Examine the thermostat

Electrician London suggests that you make sure your thermostat is set to heat and not to cool. Then, increase the temperature on your thermostat. If your heating system does not start after this, or it runs for a few minutes and then switches off, then it means that there is some problem with the thermostat. 

You will then have to change the batteries and then try again. If the thermostat does not switch on, you must replace it. 

Inspect the ductwork

Remove the vent’s grill, and use a torch light to see inside it. Look for the signs of mould, dirt or anything obstructing current flow or lowering air quality. If you spot anything that raises concern, electrician London suggests booking a professional cleaning service. 

Our blog has given you some valuable information that you can use to inspect your heating systems at regular intervals. If you liked our blog, please give us a thumbs up and keep watching this space for more informative blogs.

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