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Commercial Terms and Conditions of Trading


Period of Estimate/Quotation

Basis of the Estimate/Quotation

Terms of Payment

Payment in full shall be due on completion of the work and shall be made within 7 days of the date of a written application/invoice submitted by the contractor

Description Cost Description Cost
Phone Calls £20.00/15mins Court Attendances £650.00 per day
Attendances General £85.00 per man hour Emails £18.00 each
Letters £85.00 per man hour Preparation of Court Documents £85.00 per man hour
Site Visits £85.00 per man hour Copy Documentation £18.00 per page


Consequential Loss or Damage

Without prejudice to the Customer’s Statutory rights, the Contractor will pass to the Customer the benefit of any guarantees the Contractor has received in respect of materials supplied by the Contractor and undertakes to repair or, if necessary, replace free of charge any materials or work found to be defective if the defect us due to faulty workmanship by the Contractor, his servants or agents is brought to his attention within 12 months of the completion of the work, provided nevertheless that:



Cancellation of goods and or services whether delivered or not following written and or verbal confirmation, will be subject to the following charges:

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