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Do you need a fire alarm installation London?

Fire Alarm Installation London

If you are based in London and have recently moved into a new property, it is imperative that a fire alarm system is installed at the property. As per regulation, all properties should have a fire alarm system installed on the premises by either a housing association or a private landlord. As we know, due to electrical appliances installed all around the building there is always a risk of there being a fire. However, with a fire alarm installation London, the chances of a fire spreading in a property will be reduced, as the fire alarm system installed at the property will be able to alert you at the first sign of a fire, giving you enough time to evacuate the property as quickly as possible and contact emergency services.

The importance of a fire alarm installation London

Within our various homes, we know that fires can start in any room, but it is common knowledge that most household fires take place in the kitchen. Our cookers, microwaves, and fridges can malfunction and cause a fire at every given time. It is advised that these appliances are regularly inspected to reduce the chances of a fire starting in your kitchen. With the addition of flammable objects such as tea towels, if care is not taken, a fire can start if these flammable items are not kept away from appliances such as a gas cooker.

This is why in addition to ensuring that worktops, cookers, hobs and other surfaces in the kitchen remain clean and free from grease and food build-up, it is also important to have a fire alarm system installed in your home.

Fire alarm installation London at MM Electrical

At MM Electrical, you can arrange to either have a fire alarm system or upgrade your current system. MM Electrical is dedicated to providing a high quality service to our clients and with over 25 years of experience within fire alarm installation we ensure our fire alarm systems meet the needs of all our customers.

Fire alarm systems at houses of multiple occupation

As mentioned earlier, according to the Housing Act of 2006, it is imperative that housing agencies, property management companies and landlords ensure that fire alarm systems are properly maintained and serviced regularly. Which is why at MM Electrical, we offer scheduled preventive maintenance contracts for our clients. These contracts included remote fire alarm system monitoring, fire extinguishers, intruder alarm systems, aspirating fire detection systems, emergency lighting and Ansul fire suppression systems.

There  are many benefits in having service contracts. For one you are guaranteed same day service if you place an order before 10am. We also do not charge our clients for call outs and our contract service comes with a free fire alarm service log book.

We also assist  in compiling fire risk assessments for our clients and also offer general fire improvements and upgrades to current systems. Examples of this includes installing door retainers, smoke vents, installing fire doors and other electrical services which are interfaced to fire alarm systems.

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