The services we provide at MM Electrical London

At MM Electrical within London we work in electrical and fire alarm installations, as well as regular maintenance. Our electrical company is based in Bloomsbury, London and provides services to a combination of private, and large businesses. A few larger examples of the clients we work with are Westgate Oxford, Westfield, and Bluewater, this work is extremely important, and we are proud to have been chosen to ensure the safety of millions of shoppers. We believe the large clients we work with exemplifies our fantastic level of service, however we always treat our private clients with the same level of professionalism.

How we work at MM Electrical London

Our clientele are extremely happy with the service they receive, which can be seen on our website via our testimonials, due to our dedication to professionalism, and efficiency. We work in electrical and fire alarm installations, as well as regular maintenance.

Our approach at MM Electrical London

We aim to adopt a positive approach to the services we provide, despite the nature of London’s transport system, we never ask customers to cover congestion charges and always make our pricing clear. We are unique in the way that we offer our clients a same day quotation, and never charge call out fees, which we believe is a huge benefit when receiving any electrical work from us.

Our electrical and fire alarm systems

At MM Electrical we have been delivering this specific service since 1988. Our electrical and fire alarm systems are always delivered with care, providing businesses and private clients with services including : design, installation,and maintenance services. We provide small and large enterprises with over twenty-five years of industry experience, which enables us to deliver services quickly, even in emergencies.

Our range of clients

We work with a wide range of customers, a few of whom consist of educational environments, offices, and HMOs (houses of multiple occupation), as well as clients from the hospitality industry. Our services accommodate both contract and account clients, both of which have access to our ‘core service menu’.

The core services we offer our clients

Our ‘core service menu’ consists of a wide range of services, such as fire and security services. Our fire and security services include the supply of British standard approved materials and the utilisation of of recommended processes, which ensures quality workmanship. We also help our clients adhere to their safety needs, by issuing fire alarm and electrical testing certificates, to ensure they are complying correctly.

The last core fire and security service we offer is a custom fire alarm service contract, this covers the maintenance of a wide range of services, such as emergency lighting, fire detection systems, and fire extinguishers, as well as alarm systems.

How do I access your services?

If you are a business or a private client and are looking to employ our electrical and fire alarm services, you can contact us. We understand that our clients have hectic lives, this is why we make it easy for them to inquire about any service. Located on our website, our ‘contact us’ page includes our number, a contact message option, as well as an email address.


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