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Do you worry about your homes security against intruders?

Home security or intruder alarms are not a new idea; after all, that is why dogs have always been so popular as pets! In this modern age, intruders are getting smarter, so more and more people are turning to intruder alarms to protect their homes from theft and unwanted intruders, with some intruder alarms being able to connect to smartphones and computers, even when the occupant is not home.

But, there has always been a common complaint amongst people who opt for a simpler home security system without a connected camera; is it working? As very few people are trained in how to install the most sophisticated home security systems, you will need a professional to help you make sure that your system is working correctly.

At MM Electrical in London, our team are trained in how to install wireless intruder alarm systems quickly, to make sure your home is safe from unwanted visitors. From simple systems to smart door entry systems, we can install them all!

But what are the benefits of having a wireless intruder system installed by MM Electrical in London?

Read on to find out!


No need to wait for someone to try and break in to see if the system is working; that would be a very bad way to find out that it has been incorrectly installed. At MM Electrical in London, our engineers will install any intruder alarm system you have chosen for your home and then check that it is working correctly. If our engineers find a fault, they will work to correct it there and then, making sure that you and your family are protected from the moment you leave the property.

Planned maintenance

Are you a landlord, looking to have an intruder alarm fitted to protect your property?

If your pre-existing burglar alarm system fails or you are looking to have a new one installed, we are the company you need to call. After we install the alarm to your property, we will be able to provide you with reactive and planned maintenance; if your burglar alarm fails, we will be with you as soon as possible to fix the glitch. In line with other property maintenance, we will also be able to undertake planned maintenance of the system and provide you with a certificate to state that the intruder alert has passed our testing. Brilliant for yours and your tenants peace of mind.

Additional security

If you are looking to really boost the security of your property, our team of engineers can install many other handy features to deter burglars from targeting your property. We can install motion activated lights at the front and back of the property; a great first line defence against theft. Paired with an intruder system, you can rest assured that your home is safe. Motion activated lights will also add value to your property, a bonus if you are considering selling it in the near future.


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