Looking for reliable fire alarm installation in London?

Trustworthy, quality service in the centre of the city

Here at MM Electrical we pride ourselves on being one of the most reliable providers of fire alarm installation in London. For over 25 years our committed team of expertly trained engineers have been providing electrical services to businesses within the centre of London.

Throughout that time we have learnt the importance of providing a standard of electrical service to the highest level of quality, within the fastest time possible. We understand the importance of providing our clients with electrical engineering services in a time-efficient manner, without sacrificing the quality of work we provide or cutting any corners. To allow their businesses to carry on functioning as normal, without having to worry about their fire alarms causing them unnecessary stress.

What services do you offer?

At MM Electrical, we believe that it is important that our clients get the absolute best quality electrical care when we are providing fire alarm installation in London. As such, our comprehensive service which we offer to businesses within Central London includes supplying only the highest standard of electrical fire safety equipment which is British Standards approved and doing so through an installation process which is always to BBS7671 standards.

Additionally we also offer each of our clients a lifetime workmanship guarantee, which provides them with complete peace of mind, knowing that whatever happens, our expert team of engineers here at MM Electrical will be there to solve the issue and get things running as they ought to.

Fire safety regulations for restaurants

Some of our largest clients at MM Electrical who require fire alarm installation in London are busy restaurants. As you may imagine, there are certain specific requirements which have to be met in regard to fire-safety within a commercial restaurant. These are particularly stringent given the nature of how catering institutions operate and the likelihood of there being open flames regularly. Therefore our team of engineers have to take particular consideration when installing fire safety measures within commercial kitchens and restaurants. Unlike other businesses which we serve here at MM Electrical, kitchens have a far higher chance of having build-ups of grease, dust or other potentially hazardous or flammable materials.

These can often cause poorly installed fire alarms to trigger, despite there being any actual uncontrolled fire. This can be severely disruptive for any functioning restaurant – particularly if it happens during service hours. Thankfully however, our fire alarm initiation team have had years of good design practice in installing safety features and alarms in such a way that this can be avoided.

Fire alarm maintenance

At MM Electrical we often tell our clients that installing reliable, means-tested fire alarm equipmipment is only half of the battle. Maintenance and testing of these systems is then required to ensure that they are up to standard and that our clients can fully and properly relax.Thankfully, fire alarm maintenance is another service which our engineers are fully equipped and trained to carry out here at MM Electrical. To provide our clients with complete peace of mind we offer maintenance contracts which range in length between one and four years.


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