How can we help you at MM Electrical London?

We are a fire alarm and electrical service that has been running since 1988. We are based within Bloomsbury in London, and offer services to customers in and outside of Central London.

We are pleased to offer bespoke electrical services to large businesses, as well as individual private clients. Our services have built up a rather good reputation, meaning we are the premier provider of electrical services in a wide area including that of Central London. We are proud of our dedicated workforce, who always provide a high level of service, with an exemplorary standard of professionalism. The types of services we offer are a combination of electrical,  fire and security services.

Don’t just take our word for it

We know that customer reviews are now a vital aspect of choosing a company for any form of service. In the modern world, advancing technology has made it easier to access online reviews, and this is something we take advantage of. Located directly on our website, we display our client testimonials from our satisfied customers. One example currently on display is a widely respected CEO based within London, Mr. Stephano Borjak was extremely impressed with our collaborative and professional business approach. Mr. Stephano Borjak is just one example of our happy clients, and you can be too!

Why choose us at MM Electrical London?

We understand that choosing an electrical company can be hard. Individuals may base their decision due to proximity, price, or simply convenience. We are not only an extremely reputable and therefore respected company, but we also offer our clients benefits that may not be available elsewhere.

Our promise

Many electrical companies within London may charge for call outs, congestion, or other aspects of electrical work. At MM Electrical London we are unique in the way that we never charge our clients, whether they are large London businesses, or private individual clients for call outs. We strongly believe that clients should only pay for the work they receive, which is why we attempt to be clear with our pricing policies.


Undergoing any form of electrical work can be financially daunting. Private clients or even large scale businesses may be unaware of a clear structured pricing policy, which is why we aim to give all of our clients a quote on the same day of their consultation.

Our clients

We are proud to say that we have worked with a large number of reputable clients, one of which being Westfield London. Westfield London is a shopping and leisure complex located within Central London, which also happens to be the largest shopping centre in Europe. Working for large scale shopping centres such as Blue Water, Bicester, and Westage in Oxford is something we take seriously, and allows us to gain even more electrical experience.

Our work for these large scale companies and shopping centres, is a large responsibility that we do not take lightly. We believe that working with these high profile clients exemplifies our high standard of electrical service.


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