Fire alarm installation for the office

Whether your office is in one small room, an open plan floor, or takes up multiple stories in a building, it needs to be fitted with an early detection and warning system for fire in order to keep everyone who works there safe from fires. When people are working in an office they seldom worry about a fire as it is a very low-risk environment for a fire to even start, but at MM Electrical we know that business and property owners cannot be too careful and we should be your first point of call for fire alarm installation in London.

UK Law

Your business in the UK has to have an early detection and warning system in order for you to be within the bounds of the law, but what type of system you get is entirely dependent on the risk your business is at in starting a fire as well as the layout of the building it is set up in.

As a business or property owner, we know how important your staff and renters are to you and that is the point of these systems, they are there to save lives; if you are buying an older building or building one from scratch we will work with you no matter the size of your building in order for you to ensure the safety of your staff that they may be warned of a fire early on.

What do we offer?

Risk assessment – a risk assessment for fire alarm installation London is taken out in order to decide what your office needs in order to be in compliance with the law. While most offices are set out in such a way that smoke will easily be seen in the place it could mean that a heat detection system would be more beneficial than a smoke detection system, one also needs to be aware of whether or not there are hearing impaired employees working in the space. In this case a visual alarm needs to be installed as well as an auditory one.

Professionalism and experience – we have conducted successful installations for hundreds of office spaces and we rely on this experience to give our clients a system that best suits their office environment.

Compliance – we will be able to provide you with a certificate of compliance that will pass all fire inspections should the fire chiefs come knocking, your system will be within the bounds of the law.

Maintenance plan

Maintaining the fire alarm installation London is a big part of what we do, once your system is installed in the office that won’t be the last you see of us because it is of vital importance that the system is tested and maintained regularly in order to be in compliance of the law. We offer a maintenance plan for offices which usually need to be carried out once a year so that you know your employees will be warned in the event of a fire and that you will not be held responsible for injury if you have carried out proper maintenance.


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