Fire alarm installation for studio spaces

Creative studio spaces can be an inspiring and low-cost place to work. With their distinct open-plan structure and ample lighting, creatives of every kind flock to buy or hire these spaces to work in. Whether to turn them into a photographic or painting studio, a creative hub for techs or a design office of some kind, one thing remains the same, they need to be fitted with early detection and warning systems for fire. While equipment is insurable, original artwork and creations are not and it is better to be forewarned in the case of a fire than to lose everything in a blaze and we at MM Electrical understand just how much fire alarm installation in London can save you and your work as well as keep you within the bounds of the law, should you be looking at turning a studio pace into a business space.

The Law

The law on fire safety for studio spaces, even small ones, depends on whether or not said space is used for personal reasons or business ones, if you are renting a small loft studio then it may well be that fire alarm safety is down to the building owner, but for those looking at using this kind of space for a creative hub or business, the lives of your staff need to be your top priority.

What do we offer?

Risk assessment – before fire alarm installation in London can be done for your loft or studio, a professional risk assessment needs to be taken out in order to determine what kind of system will be best suited for the space; if you are a photographer with lots of lights you may need special alarms compared to a painter with less risk of electrical fires, those working with flammable materials may be interested in installing a sprinkler system along with their early detection system.

Professionalism and experience – we have been installing these systems for a long time and with that time comes a wealth of experience that allows us to see things that some people may not consider; most studio spaces have high vaulted ceilings which means that by the time the smoke gets that high it may be too late to get out, and seeing as most smoke detectors are placed on the ceiling, you will need someone who can come up with a better plan for you.

Compliance – with our certifications in fire alarm installation in London you can rest assured that your studio will be within full compliance of the law so that your staff are protected and your insurance claims may be sound.

Maintenance plan

The maintenance of a fire alarm installation London is as important as getting one in the first place, maintenance certificates will need to be provided in the case of any insurance claims for loss of work or equipment that was the result of a fire, so making sure that you have a plan with us in order to protect the integrity of any claims you make is all part of compliance as well.


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