Fire alarm installation for restaurants

Fire alarm installation for London restaurants can be a tricky and involved procedure that absolutely requires professional advice and experience, whether you have a large establishment that can house hundreds of guests at a time or a simple take away joint on the corner. The systems you put in place within the different areas of the building can be a technical and complicated procedure which is why at MM Electrical we offer the knowledge and expertise that is required for your restaurant to be within compliance of the law.

What does the law say?

The law on fire safety for businesses such as yours, even small ones, in the UK is clear. An early detection and warning system needs to be installed in both areas (cooking as well as service) of the building to be within compliance of the law. There are different systems that can be used in these different spaces; in the kitchen it is likely that we would recommend you have a heat detection system rather than smoke detectors as, steam and smoke from cooking could set off the wrong kind of system unnecessarily and that system will differ to the one used at the front of the house.

The point of these systems is to save lives and as a business owner we know how important your staff and patrons are to you which is why we will work closely with you whether you are occupying an old building or having one built from the ground up; there is a system that will work for your business no matter how big or small it is.

What do we offer?

Risk assessment – Before fire alarm installation in London can be done for your business, a professional risk assessment needs to be carried out in order to determine what kind of system will be best suited for your property.

Professionalism and experience – We have been doing this for years and have had hundreds of happy customers over that time be supported by our services and the systems that we offer. With this long term experience comes a certain professionalism that you can depend on for your business.

Compliance – With our certifications in fire alarm installation in London you can rest assured that all areas of your restaurant will be within full compliance of the law so that your staff and customers are protected and your insurance claims may be sound.

Maintenance plan

Fire alarm installation in London is one thing but maintaining it is another. In order to be within the bounds of the law, different systems need to be tested, maintained and certified at different times throughout their lifetime; it does not do to install a system and forget about it. In order to keep everyone on your property safe the system will need to be tested regularly and undergo maintenance at least once a year. Our maintenance plans can be bought along with your new systems in order to give you peace of mind that your staff and assets are as safe as can be.


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