Fire alarm installation for printing businesses

No matter what your printing business is, whether it’s labels, paper, t-shirts, or 3D printing, at MM Electrical we know that you couldn’t hope to run it without your team and keeping them safe is one of your top priorities. In the event of a fire, we know that your biggest concern is the welfare of your staff and the only sure way to get assets insured for the event of a fire is to have an early warning system in place. With a fire alarm installation in London you can be sure that the lives of your staff are taken care of in terms of getting out in the unfortunate event of a fire and that an insurance claim is able to go through smoothly should something unfortunate happen to your printers.

Being in compliance with the law

The law states that all businesses need to have early detection and warning systems for fire but what type of system you get is entirely dependent on the risk your business is at in starting a fire and the layout of the building it is set up in. If you have a small workshop with a few printers your needs will differ from those that a hotel kitchen may have, but one thing is sure, your staff need to be able to be clearly warned of a fire early on so that they can get out the building safely.

What do we offer?

Risk assessment – before fire alarm installation in London can be done for your business, a professional risk assessment needs to be taken out in order to determine what kind of system will be best suited for your property. Businesses with low fire risks like a Tshirt printing company in a small space could simply get away with a simple smoke detector in key areas while a heat activated 3D printer may need to be supported by a more advanced detection and alarm system.

Professionalism and experience – our experience over many years allows us to deal with your printing business in a professional manner giving you the best custom advice that will suit your printing business’s needs from different detection systems to sprinkler systems and warning systems, your needs may be more than you think.

Compliance – printing businesses often work with flammable materials and being in compliance with the law through our custom installations will ensure that any insurance claims you may make with regards to fire will be full-proof.

Maintenance plan

Fire alarm installation in London goes hand in hand with the maintenance of the installed system, you cannot be in compliance if you do not regularly test and maintain the system that is keeping your property, assets, and staff safe. With each maintenance operation that takes place, you will be given an appropriate certificate to present to any inspectors that may come along and it is also something you may use to back up an insurance claim in the event that you need to make one.


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