Do you offer a variety of electrical services at MM Electrical in London?

At our company, we offer a wide variety of electrical services, for both our private clients, as well as our business clients. One example of an electrical service we offer at MM Electrical in London is an inspection and testing service.

What is inspection and testing, and why may I choose to have this service?

Inspection and testing is a service that must be carried out by a legitimate electrical service provider, to ensure a business or any company is regulated and safe (this is under The Health and Safety at Work Act). Some clients may be certain of what regulations they are expected to follow, and others may be slightly more unsure. If you are a business or company who is unaware of what is expected of them, you can visit our blog, which will explain everything you may need to be aware of.

Why is this important?

The Health and Safety at Work Act is extremely important for all businesses and companies that need to ensure the safety of all of their electrical items within the workplace, not following these rules can cause the company further complications in the future, which is not necessary and can be easily avoided. We provide services that are in accordance with the BS:7671 as well as the Electrical Safety Council.

Which inspection and testing services do we provide?

At MM Electrical in London we provide both inspection and testing for a number of items: fire alarm systems, portable appliances, wiring surveys, as well as providing services for landlords who are switching between tenants (pre and after let inspections).

Planned and reactive maintenance

At our company, we understand that your clients may be based throughout London, which is why our location within Central Holborn is perfect for the vast majority of our clients. We understand that timing is precious, especially when running  a business, which is why we aim to be at  our clients’ convenience. We offer same day, the next day, or three day electrical services appointments. Our services include the weekends, as well as out of hour time slots, perfect to suit all of our clients. We are aware of how dangerous unexpected bills can be to businesses, which is why we ensure all of our financial costs are already decided, before we complete the service, for your peace of mind.

Why choose us to undergo planned and reactive maintenance?

A private client, small or large scale business – all may choose us as their electrical services provider due to the fact that we always ensure a predetermined, price. We report to our clients digitally by sending them updates, as well as speaking English, and technical language all of our clients can fully understand.

How can I contact you?

If you wish to contact us, you can either email us directly (address located on our website, and therefore available to all of our potential clients) or send us a quick message via our website, by filling out some key details about yourself.


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