Do we offer fire and security systems at MM Electrical?

We are London’s first choice for all businesses’ fire alarm and electrical needs and requirements.

What kinds of fire and security services do you offer at MM Electrical?

We offer a variety of services at our company, located within central London (making it perfect for a variety of clients). We offer supplier and installation services, we supply exclusively British materials, installing with a safe and registered installation service. We offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee, which can be a huge advantage to the vast majority of clients.

What other services do you offer at MM Electrical?

We offer inspection and testing to ensure that a client’s electrical and other appliances are safe and regulated to the latest form of workplace safety, as well as HMO regulations. Another service we offer are fire and security maintenance contracts. Fire and security maintenance contracts are essentially offering high quality security and emergency services and appliances. Examples of this include fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, and fire alarms.

How long do your fire and security system contracts last?

Our contracts can vary greatly in length, clients may opt for a contract as short as one year, others may want four year contracts.

How much do your contracts cost?

Our contracts may cost as little as one hundred and eighty pounds per year. We require a minimum of two scheduled visits per year, we ensure all of our work is carried out and regulated to the latest British standards.

Why choose us as your provider?

Clients within central London and outside, may choose us for a variety of reasons, one of which being no callout charge, as well as fast response times. We can guarantee same day service if you contact us before eleven am, as well as a reduced hourly rate. Some clients who are in difficult situations may appreciate our emergency services, as well as a free quotation.

Do you offer a variety of fire and security systems?

We offer fire alarm safety for a variety of public places, independent and large scale businesses, as well as private clients. We provide fire alarm services for restaurants, restaurants differ from independent clients in the way that they require special considerations and design features. Good and safe design within large and commercial restaurants can resolve a variety of problems they may experience, such as dust build up within commercial and large kitchens.

Fire alarm systems in schools

We understand that within certain environments, safety is the most important factor, such as a school environment. It is important that school fire safety systems have twenty-four hour monitoring, as well as adherence to the latest safety regulations, school safety can encompass problems such as arson.

We understand that schools can be altered continually, so we ensure all alterations adhere to the latest safety regulations.

Within a school environment, special consideration must be taken within environments such as large halls and gymnasiums, we ensure special procedures are taken to ensure fire alarms are set off for the correct reasons only.


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