Could we be providing you with quality fire alarm installation in London?

Your safety is our primary concern

At MM Electrical, we have been proudly providing our individual clients with bespoke electrical servicing and fire alarm installation in London for almost 30 years. During this time we have worked with a number of different businesses within the city centre, each presenting us with a unique set of challenges as to how best to instal fire safety measures and alarms which would keep them safe – without disrupting their businesses or causing undue stress. As such our onsite team of uniformed engineers have become accomplished in installing British Standard fire alarms and safety measures in the fastest time possible, without cutting any corners in terms of quality. This speed of service, combined with our professionalism has helped us gain a reputation as being one of the best fire safety installation companies in the centre of London.

Why get quality fire alarm installation in London?

Installing, and subsequently maintaining, good levels of fire safety measures and equipment is one of the most important factors for commercial and public buildings to consider. Besides the legal implications of not properly installing or looking after fire-safety equipment – which can be severe for businesses or buildings which do not comply – the mental reassurance of knowing you have the best safety measures in place is reason enough to call upon our engineers here at MM electrical for fire alarm installation in London.

Staying one step ahead

At MM Electrical we aim to provide each of our unique clients with tailored, comprehensive fire safety installation which is moulded to fit around the requirements and regulations which their specific business or building demands. We do not only provide standard fire alarms, but also offer smoke detectors, wireless fire alarms, heat detectors and fire alarm panels amongst other safety and fire prevention devices. We also offer our clients and businesses to whom we provide fire safety and prevention equipment, the option of getting aspirating smoke and fire detectors.

Unlike traditional fire alarms, aspirating alarms have the ability to detect smoke which is invisible to the eye. In doing so, staff and customers within a building can be alerted to the potential danger, prior to it becoming a threat. Timing, we feel, is one of the most important factors when dealing with fire safety, and aspirating detectors provide our customers with exactly that by keeping them one step ahead of the potential fire hazard.

Keeping things running properly

Alongside fire alarm installation, we also offer our clients a second-to-none maintenance service. Ensuring that fire alarms which are fitted to British Standards are properly and professionally maintained is essential, to preserve the safety of anyone who lives or works within the building in which the alarms and safety measures are fitted.

At MM Electrical, we offer our clients a fire alarm maintenance service which is carried out by trained experts within the field of fire safety. Our maintenance contracts we offer range from 1-4 years coverage and include a minimum of two onsite call-outs to test the fire alarm safety measures. At MM Electrical we offer our clients a discounted hourly call-out fee and do not include any congestion charges.

Anyone who is looking for fire safety installation and maintenance within the centre of London which they can truly rely on to provide the best standard of care in the industry, ought to call us here at MM Electrical and see what we can do to help them.


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