Are you looking for trusted engineers for fire alarm installation in London?

Dedicated to your safety

Here at MM Electrical, our staff have been committed to designing, installing and maintaining reliable fire alarm systems for more than 30 years. In that time we have learnt the absolute importance of the responsibility that is required of us to provide our clients with the highest standard of service we can, within the swiftest time possible.

Anyone who is looking for a fire alarm installation in London from a team of dedicated engineers who they know will get the job done to ‘golden industry standards’ within the shortest amount of time they are able to, ought to contact one of our staff here at MM Electrical to ensure they receive the service they deserve.

Electrical services in the heart of the city

At MM Electrical, we understand that when our services are required they are often required as soon as possible. This is why our team of permanent uniformed engineers operate from within the Bloomsbury area of London’s city centre and solely work within the Central London area. By limiting the distance which we can travel to jobs, we have become one of the city centre’s most rapid response services who deal in fire alarm installation in London.

Part of what makes the electrical service we provide here at MM Electrical so appealing is that – unlike other electrical services across the city – we do not charge our clients any additional congestion charges, despite operating within the very heart of the city.

Another notable aspect of our electrical service which sets us apart from other competition, is our ability to provide clients with a same-day quotation about how much each specific job will come to. This clear transparency within our fee structure, along with a clearly structured fee policy is something we firmly believe in here at MM Electrical – to ensure that our clients are clear about what to expect from our services, prior to completing any job.

Fire alarm maintenance

Alongside fire alarm installation in London we also provide our clients with fire alarm maintenance here at MM Electrical. For this we provide our clients with a choice of either a one or four year maintenance contract which aims to provide them with the reassurance that – whatever may happen – our engineers here at MM Electrical will be there to sort it out whenever they may be needed.

Our fire alarm maintenance team offers clients a minimum amount of two scheduled site visits to check up on their fire alarms and ensure that everything is working as it ought to. If any work is required, our engineers will ensure that it has the appropriate certification which shows that it has been maintained to British Standards, which is effective in providing our clients with peace of mind. These maintenance services typically cover almost all types of fire alarms.

Whether part of a large-scale shopping centre system, or a more common stand-alone fire alarm system, here at MM Electrical our team of engineers will be on hand to provide a maintenance service to all our clients which is up to the highest standard of excellence, and delivered in the most time-efficient manner possible.


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