Are you in need of fire alarm installation in London from engineers you can truly trust?

Ensuring our clients have peace of mind

Here at MM Electrical, we understand that ensuring up-to-scratch fire safety measures are in place is one of the most important aspects of running any business or public building. For almost 30 years our dedicated team has been providing fire alarm installation in London to our clients in a range of different businesses within the centre of the city.

Throughout that time we have helped countless clients achieve peace of mind knowing that the fire safety equipment and alarms which we have put in are all British Standards quality. By only installing fire safety measures which are of the best possible standard, we can help customers relax in the knowledge that they are equipped with the best possible safety precautions to protect them from the ravages of fire, should they need it. 

What we offer

When it comes to fire alarm installation in London, we take ourselves very seriously here at MM Electrical. Too many times we have seen poorly installed fire alarms and safety precautions which could have devastating impact on public safety if they were all the business had to rely on. This is why we are committed to providing businesses within the city centre with the best levels of attention to detail, professionalism and care when carrying out fire alarm installation in London.

All of the fire alarms and fire-safety equipment which we provide clients with here at MM Electrical are specifically fitted to meet the individual needs and regulations regarding the type of business or property they are serving. As we serve a range of different businesses, our engineers have become experts in good design and finding the best methods to safely instal fire alarms in such a way that it causes minimal disruption to the business, whilst still being up to British Standards.

Seamless fire alarm services

At MM Electrical we tailor each fire alarm system that we offer clients to meet the individual restrictions and requirements that their unique business presents. We offer wireless fire detection systems as well as smoke alarms, heat detectors and aspirating fire and smoke detectors. One of the main advantages of installing aspirating detectors is that they have the unique ability to detect smoke and heat before it can be seen by the naked eye. This allows our clients to be one step ahead and take the appropriate safety measures – such as evacuating the building – before they are in any real danger.

Fire safety measures in schools

One area in which we provide fire alarm and fire-safety installation is in schools within the centre of London. As you could probably guess, there are several precautionary measures and legal regulations which are required to be met to ensure that both students and staff are kept as safe as possible. Thankfully our engineers and fire alarm installers here at MM Electrical are fully experienced and equipped to instal all the appropriate safety measures – such as CCTV monitoring and smoke detectors – in such a way that it causes minimal disruption to the learning environment of the students.


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